Beauty of Switzerland: Villa Honegg

With so many amazing places in this world to travel to -

sometimes we forget we live in one of them ourselves! 


Validating this Credo is the essence of this upcoming series of blogposts: highlighting the most beautiful 'vacation' spots and resorts in Switzerland. With springtime sunny days and warm temperatures coming up, one does not really need to step in an airplane to reach paradise. A weekend is enough to get that well deserved & needed mental and spiritual escape. 

I arrived at Villa Honegg to enjoy a quick retreat from the city. Searching Switzerland for its unique & most beautiful spots, Villa Honegg had caught my eye. With its authentic, swiss and down to earth values - honoring sustainability and quality, I felt drawn to discover it. Villa Honegg is like a mini version of a grand 5 star resort - with 'only' 23 rooms its actually a large mansion (villa), enabling the estate to offer a very personal service to its guests. 

Located just one hour from Zurich, in the heart of Switzerland, the drive takes some curvy roads uphill before opening up to the beautiful Estate set grandly overlooking the Vierwaldstättersee. Surrounded by Nature, Mountains and the Lake; Villa Honegg is enclosed by the most stunning examples of swiss landscape. 

Story - The Villa used to be a summer residence for upperclass Swiss families, who came to stay 3 or 4 weeks, sometimes even the whole summer. After closing in 1978, it took over 30 years for the hotel to reopen its doors in May 2011 - wonderfully renovated to meet highest standards, it once again welcomes its guests to enjoy quality swiss retreat time. 

the SPA - the outside infinity pool with view unto the alps is beyond description & makes it worth to visit Villa Honegg just for a day spa trip to enjoy the location. With a water temperature of 34 degrees it can be enjoyed all year round. Villa Honegg offers nice day spa packages with treatment and a two course lunch or breakfast - making it perfect even for just a day time get away. 

the Food - I would describe it wit the phrase: Locally Exotic! Villa Honegg offers a unique lebanese swiss fusion cuisine, awarded with 14 Gault Millau Points, making it a one of its kind experience of flavor combinations. Beef Tartar is prepared with fresh mint & served with hummus - selection of starter plate with grilled shrimp, falafel and keppeh is served with tabouleh, mango chutney and yoghurt - everyones favourite swiss traditional 'hackbraten' comes with a variety of healthy vegetables & mashed potatoes - and the fresh cheese roll (Quarkrolle) for dessert is accompanied by a savoury sweet sour cream icecream. I enjoyed to sense both the swiss and oriental influences blended together so skillfully and with delicate creativity. To me fusion food seems is the perfect example of how blending cultures and traditions creates synergy and variety - bringing out the best from each. I was especially impressed by the food philosophy of Villa Honegg - using only fresh, unprocessed and regional ingredients with extensive declaration of the origins of all their products. Keeping a garden right by the hotel where own vegetables and herbs are grown and openly accessible to the estates guests and visitors - Villa Honegg even produces its own honey! All meats and diary products come from local suppliers close by. Breakfast is served every day until 2pm - so theres no rush to wake up and catch breakfast, which I find superb! No Pork is served at Villa Honegg - even the breakfast 'bacon' is a beef bacon, which I found very interesting and delicious to try. 

the Room - cozy but luxurious, my room on the first floor with a huge private terrasse, where I could rest and enjoy my breakfast in privacy, overlooking the stunning view. The rooms meet highest standards - with complementary minibar, large shower and bathroom, coffeemachiene and great lighting & TV system which is easy to use. Fresh fruits, dates, plenty of water and all bathroom essentials are offered. Villa Honegg holds a variety of room sizes and suites, including suites large enough to offer comfortable and longterm residency to whole families. 

Atmosphere - the Team is extremely friendly, attentive and helpful. The mood is calm and elegant - especially at dinner. During the daytime one notices that there are a lot of 'daytime' visitors who come to the Villa Honegg to enjoy its terrasse, view and lovely afternoon cakes. Apart from the main terrasse and diningroom there are many separate lounges comfortably furnished with fireplaces where guests can enjoy their full privacy. 

Events / Privatisation - its small size and few number of rooms makes Villa Honegg predestined for events, celebrations or offsite meetings. The Estate can be privatized completely - offering complete discretion to its guests. The Villa Honegg is well equipped for families with kids, including a Dependance with separate kitchens, a cinema room with attached Nintendo and Playstation (imagine playing the Playstation on the BIG Screen - it might be something for the big kids too ;). They also have Meeting rooms which can be used for management meetings really making it a perfect location for any types of event. The stunning view and locations also makes Villa Honegg a great Wedding location for a fairytale swiss wedding. 

Special - Villa Honegg can be directly accessed by Helicopter, enabling guests to go on HeliSkitours in Winter, & allowing its VIP guests to arrive directly from the airport to the Estate. The Helicopter lands just 20m away from the Estates private garden and Beehives - combining the ultra luxury with swiss down to earth values in a straight and uncompromising way. 


It was a pleasure to visit Villa Honegg - one I look forward to repeating very soon. 

On my drive down I passed the local butcher shop (which also supplies Villa Honegg) that carries all the regional meats to pick up some nice dried meats so that when I arrived home, I took a little bit of the taste & memory of Villa Honegg with me.
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Beauty of Switzerland: Villa Honegg Beauty of Switzerland: Villa Honegg

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