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The Reason to Visit Andermatt 


The luxury resort is not obvious from a distance. It blends with the surrounding landscape - as intended by its architect. But once noticed, the building, even from outside, is captivating. The grand main house reveals itself to be even more impressive once stepping inside. The whole design and architecture is built on harmonious symmetries but with a continuous variation separating the moods of the different main common areas. My favourite was the tealounge with large square sofabeds spaciously arranged around a grand central hanging steel fireplace. It was the place I went to hangout after check-in to have my tea and to mentally arrive and relax.

I took a tour of the Hotel afterwards - discovering the many stunning areas such as the authentic asian restaurant which is only opened in winter season. The huge kitchen, divided symmetrically into swiss and asian inspired areas, and a 2400m2 spa area. But not only the Spa is huge in this Hotel - even my standard double room was a lavish 52m2 including extensive wardrobe hanging area, huge bathroom and balcony. Every standard room is this size. There are apparently no ‘small’ rooms in the Chedi although I did not check every room personally :)

The Spa is breathtaking - with an indoor ‘colder’ long pool, ideal for swimming lanes plus an outdoor heated pool, large Sauna, steamroom and relaxing areas to enjoy. After exiting the heated outdoor pool, without having asked for anything, a small tray of snacks and cucumber water was waiting for me in the lounge. Generally the attentiveness of the whole team is extraordinary. When I was sitting at dinner and couldn’t decide between two starters, asking my waitor for his personal recommendation between the both, he just offered me to bring a half half mixed plate of both to taste. Its these details that make the difference. The Yes attitude rather than the No attitude. Crucial for a flawless luxury hotel experience - but not something I take for granted.

At the Chedi this feeling of being welcome, and being taken care of was present from the moment I stepped in and was offered homemade tea and a hot towel. I appreciate attentiveness like that, it lets me feel taken care of. A two day trip to the Chedi that left me feeling relaxed and inspired at the same time by the level of care and attention for detail and perfection. By the infinite details in the design of each room. 

Ipad Roomcontrols are provided that can be used to regulate any setting in the room, temperature, music, curtains - even the fireplace can be turned on by touchscreen. The spacious Bathroom on the other hand does features some old-school candles set up next to the bathtubs. The Shower is large enough to carry a small stone stool, the separate toilet contains a small table to place the newspapers. 

The rates are moderate - compared to other luxury resorts the value and standard offered here are quite unmatched. It is a high level of comfort, space, design and a relaxed athmosphere that make the Chedi unique. No white covered dinner tables, the menu is relatively uncomplicated and offering high level comfort food. The opportunities to eat are plenty - the dinner menu can be enjoyed at the bar too. Snacks are even served in the spa & other lounge areas. Even the 'skiiroom' looks more like a chalet style lounge of a ski resort - apparently in winter the Chedi's own 'Ski Butlers' aid guests with removing skies bringing and replacing it with their own comfortably pre warmed footwear. The ski room leads directly to the hotels bar where an apres ski moment can be enjoyed before retiring to the room and getting ready for dinner. 

Skiing resort in Winter - Golf resort in Summer: despite being lavish and spacious enough that its not even necessary to leave the room there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoor environment too. 



A Retreat Experience

I visited the Chedi Hotel in Andermatt by myself. Often I get questioned for that choice. I realize that of course its nice to share such an experience with someone you care about. I acknowledge the value and pleasure from sharing an experience with someone - there is a magic about that. Sometimes one may find oneself in a beautiful place alone and feel that its worthless because it is not shared. I can relate to that.

So why is it that I often choose to travel by myself? I feel sometimes that I want to completely focus my attention and absorb the place and all its beauty and uniqueness. Like my love affair is focued on the place and its entity. I need to tell you, that I really love what I do and I feel myself dedicated to do my very best. I feel that I cannot truly experience a place sometimes if I am there with someone that takes up my attention. I need the time to look and to photograph. I need the time to let my eyes wander through the room at dinner or when I am relaxing in my room to notice all the details. I need to feel relaxed about taking a picture repeatedly because I am not quite happy with the proportions or the lighting. I prefer to eat my soup cold knowing I have an excellent picture of it on my camera. I can’t put that on anyone. For me its less about ‘having a good time’ when I go to discover a place - for me its about capturing and sharing its beauty. I am not truly satisfied with my trip if I feel that I did not achieve to do this. And it is my greatest emotinal reward if I feel that I could. So I do prefer to travel by myself. At least when I am visiting a place for the first time, or at least as long as I do not find someone who can give me that understanding and space.

I appreciate being able to be by myself. I think that we can only find happiness and inner peace if we can find it alone. Only then are we emotionally stable. Only then are we able to be with one another and to take care of another human being. We should not desire company because we cannot handle solitude, we should desire company for the sake of enjoying it without dependance. 

Thanking the whole team for the amazing Trip.

Hope to be back soon <3
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The CHEDI Andermatt The CHEDI Andermatt

About my Retreat to a resort that turned a village into a destination & speaking about why I enjoy to travel by myself

TRIPS 10 May 2016