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Honestly i'd just like to share pictures with you about my trip to Cape Town with my Family - it was such an amazing and simply beautiful, chilled vacation in a beautiful country. Very relaxing and I definitely didn't want to leave. 

The trip was - Imagine me, my grandmother being from South Africa, never having visited the country and arriving to find out that I have a HUGE and loving family and relatives here. I couldn't even count how many cousins, and even my father and uncle had a hard time to keep track. Also imagine me & my cousins - technically all grown up - sitting in the back of our rental car with my dad and uncle (their dad) in the front steering the family vacation for the first time without the 'female' influence in shape of a nagging wife and worried mother. Ahlas everything did go fine, even though it was a tad more spontaneous that with the presence of the beloved momster. So dad's do well! And it was fun for me to feel like a little kid again rocking the family vaca. 

We stayed in the house of relatives, and ate in the different family homes a lot. 'Braai' is the local term for throwing a casual barbecue party there is very popular, so most of the nights we were happy to stay in a private circle and enjoy some homemade food. I can't give you many foodie hotspots therefore, as I was told there are MANY of them in Capetown, but we did go exploring during daytime and visited some great landscapes and beaches during our stay. 


What you need to know about Capetown: 

Safety: Watch your valuables at all times and close car windows. Don't leave valuables visible in the car - there are lot of theft crimes happening. Also its advisable to avoid certain areas, especially when you are alone. Stick to the places you know. 

Cash: its not expensive to get around Cape Town. For Swiss standards the prices are pretty low, so its nice to shop & great to eat. Credit Cards work in almost all places. 

UBER: Perhaps the safest way to get around with great control over your rates. Its very cheap and apparently better than taking a cab becaue cab drivers could try to rip you off (I didn't try cabs.) 

Rental Cars: Its possible to rent cars but be carefull - as the traffic is left handed you might need a little 'getting used to.' 

Weather: Its gorgeous during my time of visit in February as thats the summer season there, but temperatures can vary from a windy 15 degrees to a boiling 35 degrees celsius (inside one week!). Especially tricky is the strong wind which can make it uncomfortable to spent time outdoor (feels sort of like driving a convertible in the back seat with the windows down.) But otherwise the weather is great - we loved it! 

Drinking Water: Its possible to drink the tap water in Capetown. We stayed at a private home and drank from the tap there all week. 


& here are my TOP 7 Must-See places & Things to do in Cape Town: 

Tabletop Mountain - the super famous mountain which is easily recognizable due to its 'cut-off' top, the tablemountain is actually only 1000m above sealevel and can be climbed by foot in a 2.5 hour hike. I unfortunately did NOT make it to the Tabletop Mountain because the night we wanted to visit the cablecars we would have needed to get back down in the dark was blocked due to heavy winds. 

Signal Hill - because we could not visit Tabletop Mountain we took a really nice alternative and visited the very closely located Signal Hill. It was an extremely breathtaking sunset we could watch there, and we had perfect evening light to snap some nice family photos with my cousins & I. Because the Signall Hill is less popular you also do not experience the queues and crowds there - its just a few people, and the vibe is very relaxed. 

Boulders Beach / Penguin Beach: If you love cute little tropical Penguins this is your place. Its possible to get super close to these little cuties, even 'swimming' with them. Its super cute to watch them interact with each other and chill out by the beach which is lined with boulders and makes a stunning setting. 

Camps Bay: This is a great place to visit any day just to hang out. You have the beach here, along the stretch you find plenty of nice restaurants for lunch and dinner. There are icecream parlors and bars, aswell as beauty salons to get manicure & massages. I managed to get some things done here on walk-in basis so if you are in the mood for a massage its worth to just go in and try your luck. There are souvenir shops here too, in fact I found most of my souvenirs here beause at the traditional markets I was rather sceptical about quality plus I hate to waste my time haggling - I preferred visiting the shops. 

Watershed Market: A really nice, hipster style modern design market with a local flair of merchandise is found at the Cape Town Waterfront. Here I found some nice souvenirs too, especially some handmade dishes and tableware that I like to use for food photography. There are barista coffeeplaces and juicebars too and the waterfront area with plenty of Restaurants is located just next to it. If you like sealife, the aquarium is located just around the corner too - inside the aquarium you may watch live turtle and shark feeding and look at some other seadwellers to look at too. 

Wild Beaches: Aside from the couple of well known and well frequented beaches there is some raw nature to expore aswell, including massive stretches of beaches with not a single soul around. For beachside walks and sunset photographs this is an absolut must do! 

Farms: Absolute highlight for us was visiting a South African Farm and Wine Production. Boschendal Farm is incredibly large, employs 400 people, and produces everything from organic meat, fruits and of course Wine. Wine farms in South Africa are highly popular, being the nr. 1 venue for Weddings here (nope, not the beach!). This may be hard for swiss people to comprehend, after all, we have farms too. But the Farms in South Africa are definitely on a different level. Grand and luxurious setting really make the visit a unique experience. So even if we are from Switzerland, and we DO have farms & wines too, visiting a South African farm is still a MUST. Boschendal farm also offers accomodation to stay overnight, and they host a variety of activities such as picknicks on the weekends and tours of the estate. 


and thats it for my top tipps for beautiful Cape Town 

All together I loved my stay in South Africa and really hope to come back soon because there are 1000 more things still to discover. Anyone thinking to visit I can only recommend to do so - its absolutely gorgeous, relaxing and chilled. I never felt unsafe, but of course always was careful to observe the general guidelines and tipps. 


Thanks for visiting, and see you soon. 


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Visiting Cape Town with my Family was a thrilling experience in unexpected ways - Sharing my favourite Places & Things to do

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