The past few Weeks have been packed with a crazy busy schedule for me - lots of work and very little freetime. So last weekend when a trip to the Royal Savoy Lausanne was on my schedule and I woke up early morning to take the train feeling myself come up with a slight cold I needed to motivate myself abit to pack my things and head out in the super rainy weather to start my trip to Lausanne. 

The whole journey I honestly just spent longing for the moment where I would be stepping through the doors of the newly refurbished 5 Star Luxury Hotel and all my tiredness would be swapped with unconditional pampering. It is really the way I appreciate the luxury hotels - its stepping into a world where things are just perfect and everyone is there to take care of you. 

So when I did arrive stepping through the grand glassy high doors, into an overwhelmingly stunning Lobby Area. Given a cute welcome shot by the smiling girls at the reception and taken the luggage off my shoulders I knew; this was just what I needed! 


After a quick break to recollect myself and settling in the room it was time to head down for afternoon tea to meet the group. I was told that there would be 'bloggers from all over Switzerland' present - which I always really look forward to as I enjoy making new friends & catching up with old ones, especially in such a beautiful place as this. I was suprised though at how many bloggers where there - many of whom I knew, but also many new ones. All together a group of surely around 20-30 people - not all bloggers but also magazine publishers & journalists. Food Blogger & TV Presenter Zoe Torinesi , my favourite Gentlemen Bloggers the Lips Brothers (, the NU ICONS Mag publishers ( and Jorge Guerreiro ( only to mention a few. I was really looking forward for the days ahead. 


It was fun packed weekend with a fun programm ranging from a Cocktail Making Class to a Fine Dining Dinner and individual Spa Treatments of course including lots of catching up & fun talks with the crew that really let me release all the stress that had built up the previous weeks from the workload. Its amazing how just 24 hours can really relax your mind and really lets you unwind and charge your batteries. Special highlight was the massage treatment that really left me with a deeply relaxing sensation that I rarely experience during massage treatments. Either the Massage Lady was extremely skilled, or I just really badly needed a massage this time - I am not sure. But it did the trick for me. 


A personal highlight of the trip was when one of the Hotelguests, a complete stranger, saw me trying to take pictures of Flower arrangements and offered to take a picture for me. The result was a really beautiful picture, you can see it below - such an unexpected pleasure! I am always amazed by such kindness.  

I headded back to Zurich on Sunday feeling reenergized and ready to take on another full week. Its one week after my stay now & I am still crazy busy, which is why the post is delayed, and frankly I am keeping it brief. But I definitely like to share the impressions of this beautiful (almost) lakeside Hotel. Definitely a good choice if you are looking for a hideaway in or heading for a short trip to Lausanne. Definite must try's is the Signature Drink that tastes like a lemon tart, and a massage treatment in the private spa suite.  

Thanks for having me Royal Savoy Lausanne, and thank you to PR/TICULAR for organizing this lovely quick trip.  

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