Daheim beim Stanglwirt 


Honouring this Credo from the moment guests step into this beautiful mountain retreat & Bio Hotel. No resort that I have seen manages to combine the magic of farmliving with all 5 Star Luxuries in such an unquestioned way. To keep their ethics and organic values whilst still offering strawberries to their VIP guests all year long. Service and homegrown Quality walks hand in hand, working together to bring the best 'home away from home' experience to its visitors. 

The resort is so incredibly large - with a lavish grotto Spa area spreading over a surface of 1200m2 - (which is currently even being extended) - gym and fitness gardens - multiple restaurants serving the finest austrian regional cuisine, and stables with the majestic breed of Lipizaner Horses that Austria is famous for. There is just so much to see, I could have spent a whole day simply exploring the estate. 

Built all in wooden and white interior - the white colours are to honor the color of the white Lipizaner horse breed that the family loves so much - the Resort is clean but earthy and homely in such an enchanting and fresh way that captivates a down to earth sophistication and style. 

Stanglwirt is a successful fusion of contradictions - creating a variety that makes sense and caters to each and every need of its guests. Like offering all the Spa treatments and Sport facilities that one could dream of - Sport Heavyweights like Vladimir Klitschko and Arnold Schwarzenegger come to stay there annually for training camps - but at the same time keeping hidden cabinets in its elevators filled with shotglasses and Schnapps - for anyone who finds himself desiring a short one before (or after) dinner. Its a captivting resort of possibilities - from exess health to exess parties - the Stanglwirt family lets its guests decide if they want one or the other or both. 

The Stanglwirt has a long tradition of hospitality - long before the Estate became a hotel the family entertained the worlds most glamorous icons such as Clark Gable. The family nurtures a culture for traditional music and singing, food as well as a good dose of humor. Creating possibilities where there could be conflicts - like building a restaurant right next to the cows stable - a dining experience with a glasspanel view straight into the indoor cows stables. 

What impressed me most, was the attitude and values of the Stanglwirt Family. One of the things I most look for whenever I review any place - is that the team and staff should not treat me like they are waitors or 'servants' - but much rather like they are hosts welcoming me like they would welcome a private guest to their home. At Stanglwirt this is so much the case - because the Stanglwirt Family sets this example so strongly themselves. We were truly made to feel home in every way. 



spacious, clean, held fully in retro wooden details, with separate living area, spacious wardrobe and separate bathrooms with a large terrasse accessable from both bedroom and livingarea 


huge fitness gym area, in & outdoor tennis courts, golfing, horsebackriding, personal training by VIP Trainer Björn Schulz who also trains a lot of professional athletes, Boxing classes, Pilates, Yoga - anything you can possibly imagine!

FOOD +++

from healthy detox to complete indulgence - everything is offered. Green Juices - Vegan Options or the Weisswurst and Kaiserschmarrn - there seems to be nothing thats not on the Menu. 


1200m2 of Wellbeing Heaven - multiple Saunas, Pools and Steambaths. Massage Therapies from Aryuvedic to classical Sport Massages - you will find everything. Especially notable: Stanglwirt tries to employ real specialists for each of their offered areas - who each completely personifies the philosophy of their skill. 


Like Home - the Staff is friendly, the other guests are (mostly) friendly - I understand why its such a popular resort amongst celebrities. At Stanglwirt everyone is treated with an uncomplicated kindness and made to feel welcome in an honest way. 


I really look forward to returning - Hopefully to the legendary Weisswurst Fest in Winter 

a trip to put on my Wishlist <3


PS: If you wish to visit or have any inquiries regarding this loveliest of places: [email protected] is the contact adress - what a cute email don't you think?
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