My recent Food adventure took me to the very South of Italy - to the stunning Island of Sicily which has not only gorgeous mediterranean landscapes, but is also casually rocking an active volcano whose tip glows deamon red at night - Welcome!

Sicily may be a part of Italy - but when it comes to food the sicilian kitchen definately deserves an entity of its own. With a wide range of traditional dishes that you will only find on the Island, it is definately worth a trip. You may visit Sicily expecting to eat Italian food without being dissappointed - but you would end up missing out on Sicilys true tastes!


Italians are known for making the best Gelato - but the Sicilians have their own frozen goodness called Granita - a fusion of slushie & sorbet with a consistency of Milkshake. Granita is traditionally eaten with a brioche, and the locals like to dunk their brioche in the granita. This combination may seem awkward - but I can assure you its worth a try! The Granitas come in different flavours and the flavours can be mixed. My favourites where Blackberry & Chocolate!


Instead of going for the Risotto - the stuffed riceballs called Arancini (Orange). Filled with ragu, tomato, mozzarella & peas they look like oranges & come in different variations of size, shape & content. The riceballs get coated in breadcrumbs and fried - giving them the orange colour. They are super tasty and just eating one of them is like a whole meal wrapped up in one ball of rice.


If you feel like having a Pasta you must try the Pasta alla Norma - try to get a pasta fatta in casa (homemade) one & enjoy this traditional tomato sugo variation with eggplant, fresh ricotta and basil. Ricotta is very dominant in sicilian dishes - a local sicilian will tell you though that their ricotta tastes even better in winter.

Ricotta is also widely used for desserts - the most well known one being the Cannolo which is filled with a sweet ricotta cream. If you prefer to eat something light for dessert, go for the wild strawberries! These are very hard to find usually - so its a real treat :)

The most popular drink in sicily is Seltz al Limone - another 'unusual' combination of Soda, Lemonjuice & Salt! Sometimes Sirup is added to it giving the drink a bright colour - the plain version is super refreshing and sugar free - so its a healthy beverage choice for summer.


I truly enjoyed visiting Sicily - I can't recall a place where i have discovered so many new and unusual, but very tasty, food combinations. After my return home, the first thing I cooked was the alla Norma sauce - which turned out very tasty & I will post this recipe soon. Ricotta is definately a new regular guest in my fridge from now on -

a perfect souvenir! 

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discovering the creative & unique taste of this enchanting volcanic Island in the South

TRIPS 15 July 2014