A Weekend at

W A L D H A U S   F L I M S 

April 2017



There are few Resorts in Switzerland where I would say they are spectacular. It also depends on what you are looking for I guess. Me personally I like a great design, be it classical or contemporary (or combined), there should be something invigorating about it. I like things that can penetrate the actual sense of seeing or hearing and being like ‘ah pretty’ to the point where it affects my mood. A Hotel, when well done, can be such a place creating that world of elegance, style and effortless, comfortable living. That sense of having everything at your fingertips surrounded by art and high ceilings, plushy chairs and fresh pressed orange juice in small glasses.

I enjoy that, and I have been fascinated by it since I can remember. The same way I have been fascinated with the taste of a really fresh strawberry or chocolate. I can’t explain it, but it adds quality to my life in an unmatched way.

When I received the invitation for the Grand Re-Opening of Waldhaus Flims I was blown away by the pictures and really looking forward to go. My expectations were only exceeded upon arrival to this really lovely, grand but comfortable and relaxed Alpine Retreat by such a friendly team and smiles everywhere I looked. I felt comfortable there immediately and after check-in was led to Villa Silvana which is a grand villa located 50 metres to the side of the main building. Although everything is connected through underground tunnels, it is pleasurable also to walk outside between the buildings to take in some of the alpine sun, view and surroundings. There are many benches and sitting locations located over the property, making it really pleasurable to enjoy sunny afternoons outside, relaxing and breathing that clean air. A 20 minute Walk away, visitors may also enjoy the splendid views and environment of the popular turquoise coloured Lake Cauma, which is of such beauty that it attracts young and old from all over Switzerland. For anyone visiting Flims I highly recommend to go and take an afternoon walk there on a sunny afternoon (hint hint: Instagram Shooting Location!!!)

For the whole two days I spent there I spent 100% relaxing, visiting the gym, doing Yoga, and eating really well. I’ve put together a short video for you to give a bit of an impression and included some general informations about various facilities. 


D E T A I L S 


The Room:

Cozy and of good size. I had a standard corner Room with a really cute black and white tiled bathroom with open steel piping. The bathroom had a bit of a retro simplistic look to it and I really loved it. The room itself was held in warm brown colours with a good size bed, nespresso coffee machine, good sized TV which was easy to use and a water boiler. The only thing I was sort of missing was some fruit to snack on upon arrival or snacks to eat in the mini bar (if there were any I didn’t find them).

Food & Beverage: 

There are a variety of Restaurants, including a really charming ‘Museum Restaurant’ located in the Hotels old Kitchen which is quite an experience even just to visit. Breakfast and Brunch Buffet with a view is amazing, spacious and very comfortable. Wide selection, helpful team in the room and large tables are all things I really appreciate in such a setting. It was possible to get egg meals prepared fresh, the staff helped me to get the oats I’m used to eating in the morning as a porridge, there were a lot of berries and fruits, variety of cheeses und lots of bread, seeds and grains to make muesli including a whole range of different yogurts and milks, including a plant based almond milk.

For Dinner there are a variety of restaurants available including a regional cuisine restaurant, an italian restaurant as well as a cheese and fondue restaurant for the winter season. There are also culinary experiences such as the ‘Tavolata’ in the ‘Museum Restaurant’ located in the hotel’s old kitchen rooms which is a stunning way to experience a real food feast with friends in a casual throwback atmosphere surrounded by old steel pans and kitchenware such as antique radios other collectors pieces.


Spa & Gym:

The Hotel also features extensive spa and gym facilities. Perhaps one of the best equipped gym’s I have seen so far in Switzerland. From machines to freeweights, to guided yoga classes - I found everything I needed available to me during my stay. The Spa is large enough to spend a whole afternoon there - I tried the scented steambath, did 10 Minutes of Finnish Sauna followed by a jump into the icy cold water in the natural outside pool, rested myself in the relaxation area, went for a whole body massage that was conducted by a medical massage therapist who was really able to target those tensed muscles on the right side around my shoulder blade, and finished with 30 minutes in the infrared cabin to further warm up the muscles in my spine and deeply relax them.

After that I needed a rest and some TV in my room before getting ready for dinner and the kitchen party.

Visitors to the Waldhaus Flims should definitely take an afternoon to experience the Spa - it is worth it!


For more Impressions of my stay check out my Youtube Video :) 



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