What comes after the overdose? 

We’ve seen luxury, we’ve seen punk, heroin chic and a recent revival of the hipster trend. Fashion has been cold, unapproachable and arrogant in the first decade of our new millenium - very ‘Vogue’. Pretty snotty and unfriendly - hardly inspiring, least of all comfortable. The hipster boho trends have set a change to that harsh dictation of what style should be. Clean shaven American Psycho doubles have transformed into gently bearded faces - promising kindness and heart. The clothes more comfortable, less make-up, less heel’s, less bra’s - more colours! In general less regulation and more freedom - Unicorns have been one of the strongest inspirational motives on the Internet in the past year, along with Panda’s and sharing messages of tolerance and love. Rainbow colored hair reflecting a creative mind no longer constrained by all of society’s ‘don’t’s - its been refreshing to see a world being inspired by these symbols of peace and uniqueness, and each other!

I love it too - the boldness and the colored hair. I am a person that would wear or try almost anything. If in doubt I say YES. Because I decided to be a YES sayer. I’ve made it a hobby to overcome my own fears and limitations, and I follow my visions and idea’s.

With a head bursting with thoughts, sometimes when my computer is slow and my mind is racing - I feel like its all falling apart. Like its becoming too fast, not for me but for everybody. Communication is so effective at targeting and rapid - every day is an unfolding wheel of possibilities without regulation.

Where there is light, there is shadow. That awareness is one of the most basic building stones that everything I do is based on (I have a couple more of those). I remind myself daily of them, I lead my life based on them. So where there are unicorns, rainbow hair and all that glitter - there must be that silent place place for us to rest our minds, and to slow down the carussel playing in our minds to recognize its individual pieces.

2016 has been my year of Minimalism. I used to collect things - I used to love a colorful bursting wardrobe. Now I have two wardrobes - one is for events, where I keep all the colours and the glitter; the other one is daytime where I keep only all my gray tracksuits, joggingpants, sweatshirts and tshirts. Wearing different clothes every day doesn’t make sense to me anymore - except on parties, where I love to unleash the Unicorn inside me. But when I am working - I don’t want to occupy myself with any material things unrelated to my activity. I keep the same hairstyle, I don’t wear make up, I want to look the same. Simple. As simple as possible.

Feel inspired to Simplify? Minimalism is unique, because we all have our unique needs and preferences. Not everyone will like gray, not everyone can go to work wearing a jogging pants. There are however great Minimalist Guides on the Art of Simplifying already out there on the Internet. Including minimalist office wardrobe’s, cupboards etc. I’ve collected my favourites on Pinterest for you on my Minimalism Pinterest Board:


First Steps:

de Clutter - I used to de-clutter once a year. In the past year it has been perhaps 10 times and the year is not even over. Twice I called up the ERZ and make an appointment for special Garbage Pick up - I just put everything I didn’t feel I needed anymore outside in boxes and was done with it.

Mindful Buying - I started thinking properly before I bought anything. Usually I plan before I buy. I reflect on wether I really need that actually. I make checklists for what I need to buy and stick to it. I have set Essentials that I keep going back to get. I also make sure if I can possibly use a product in more than one way. Like with Make-Up: Most Make Up products can have more than one function. A Lipstick can be a blush too, and you don’t need a nude colours eyeshadow palette AND a coutouring kit - its the SAME COLOURS. Just the size of your tin is different. I use my contouring palette to do nude smoky eyes, just with the smaller brush - it works out perfectly and it keeps my Make Up Cabinet organized and easier to keep clean.


My Essentials 

because some things you can't go without :) 

Beauty & Skincare:

I use Carmex for my Lips, a Sunprotection by Clarins, and a BB Cream by Artistry.
Shellac - I get my nails done with Shellac at the Salon every 2-3 weeks because it means I won’t have to think about my nails for 2-3 weeks.
Clip-in Ponytail by Coiffeur Hickenbick - Hair can be difficult in Winter, it gets dry and hard to manage. I try to protect it by using oils and pulling it up into a ponytail. I may not be a unicorn in daytime - but I like to be a pony I guess because I love clipping a Ponytail extension by Hickenbick into my hair on most days, especially when I have meetings. I don’t know why - I just love it. It gives me a signature look and it helps me to always look the same (because the ponytail always looks exactly the same). I order it at: as they have the largest selection of colours and styles in Switzerland and you can pass by to personally choose and compare the colours before you buy.


Clothes - I like tracksuits - preferrably grey or blue. In winter I wear thicker ones - in Summer lighter materials. I usually buy them unisex - because the female collection always has some disturbing detail on it, such as like rhinestone logo’s. I would like my Sweatsuit to look exactly like what the inmates of the argentinian high security prison’s wear. For home I prefer some looser jersey materials, that allow me to do Yoga and stretching too.

Shoes - I wear slippers at home, I just got used to it. I sneak them out of Hotels that I stay and wear them for about a month before tossing and taking a new one. Outside I like Sneakers (of course). I actually like bold and different colour sneakers sometimes because everything goes well with grey. But my favourites are still dark blue or black ones. Recently I also started making sure that the shoes are comfortable to walk and run. The most recent pair I ordered was one by TEVA - black, very light & with a great sole. After whole day of walking with them I don’t feel my feets tired at all.

Bags & Jackets - I like beautiful bags when I need to carry stuff, and on cold days sometimes like to add a colorful coat, jacket or scarf. Recently i’ve started going out without carrying a bag at all. I opted for a smaller men’s wallet too, and reduced on the keychain mania. My phone, cardholder, carmex and keys easily fit into my pockets. I am good to go!

Food - of course… I LOVE to cook and I love to create complex recipe’s. But even in my cooking I sometimes try to simplify. Sure, theres a beauty to a multilayered taste of a recipe that just unfolds as you eat it - I often use several spices in combination and I tend to make my recipe’s rather complex. But thats my ‘unicorn’ side - there’s an art in simplifying food too. Like just enjoying the combination of tomato and basil leaf, or hot apple and cinnamon or a hot chestnut roasted over the fire. I like monomeals - on most days one of my meals consists of just one ingredient. This is not only healthy and even promotes weighloss (because its basically impossible to overeat on just ONE thing), it also gives digestion a rest and therefore can ease bloating or congestion.

Products - less is more. I’ve started cutting down on a lot of the products. Is it really necessary to keep one oil for the nails and another one for the hair and a third one for the face and a fourth one for the bath and a sixth one for the kitchen? Hardly… Coconut Oil for example works well for all of the above - plus it removes makeup and has a bunch of other uses and benefits (see my Pinterest Board on OIL: )

Overall its really amazing how much we DON’T need. Just remember - behind every product there is a person that wants to make money off it. Think twice wether you really need it. The purchase should serve YOU not the producer.

The effects of applying Minimalism in your daily life are plentifull. Less distraction, less decisions, more time, more focus, more money, less carrying, less organizing - just to name a few. After a while of applying this in your life it leaves you relaxed and calmer - life is easier and at the same time you get more stuff done. And when its time to take out that unicorn sparkle (like friday nights or birthday parties, or whatever occasion you deem appropriate), you’ll have that energy to celebrate your craziness. Because you know you have it under control.


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