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Resolutions are great. Even if your life has not been falling apart in the past year and you are pretty happy with how things are going there are always things to shape, change or try. Starting a new year provides a great opportunity to mark changes and take on new challenges. Of course some will say: ‘why new year, I can make a change on any other day too’ - and while that is true, its just kind of like saying ‘i’ll start my diet tomorrow.’ Its generally hard to follow through on things that are not marked to a specific frame and I find it helpful to grow routines in my life that I hold on to. I have daily routines, weekly & monthly routines plus the annual ones. New Year for me, marks the reset and I got so used to applying that habitude, that I actually follow through on that, therefore I can recommend it to anyone. Why wait for a relationship breakup to get a new hairstyle? Isn’t starting a new year a much better and more constructive opportunity to change your look than a heartache is? At least I think so.

New Look: Already a few days before the NYE Bash I headed to Perfecthair.ch to get a new shade for my hair. Carolina drew out the muddy yellow from my hair and gave it a pale ashy blond tone which is not only trendy at the moment but also looks cleaner and more flattering for my complexion -> www.perfecthair.ch 

New Habits: Replacing Alcohol with Water is my biggest resolution for the new year! I realized that my lifestyle has provided me with too many unneccessary drinking occasions and I am determined to drastically cut that down. I am happy with my eating and activity level of my lifestyle - but alcohol has been the big bad guy in my life that I definitely don’t need to keep around.

What I eat in a day Videos: In 2016 I have spent a major amount of time in learning how to film & make little video’s & vlogs for Social Media. My Food Blogging Goal or 2017 is to make monthly & seasonal what I eat in a day video’s showing what I like to eat in each time of the year promoting seasonal, organic and fresh food.

Highcarb Lowfat Vegan Diet: Already pretty well on track but still trying to shift my focus more in this direction of eating plantbased healthy carb lowfat food. In January I’ll be trying to do a 30 day zero oil, zero sugar, zero salt cleanse to reboot my diet, metabolism and tastebuds. To cleanse out my system of bad habits. Its a psychological as well as physical process that leaves an overall positive effect on body and mind. Promoting Veganism for me is more of an ethical than a health responsibility. I still am not convinced that eating animal products is bad for health, but I do strongly believe that the animal industry is unsustainable and unneccessarily exploits lives so I choose to promote a plantbased or at least vegan friendly attitude and lifestyle.

Minimalism: Looking to continue my path on simplifying things and only using what is really necessary. Both in beauty, skincare, what I wear and what I keep at home I will keep striving to keep things to the essentials. I’m really not in the mood to splurge and spend unneccessary money on things I don’t really need. I’d much rather invest in health or equipment that I need for my work such as camera’s, lights or software.

Home: YEAH! I’m also looking to move flat as my current apartment is becoming too small so I am looking forward to find something more spacious and really hoping that I will find something this year. Finding a good flat in center of Zurich is very hard, but I am doing my best and will definitely keep you posted as soon as I have any news.


Youtube: get my first 1000 subscribers on youtube is another goal I hope to accomplish in 2017


Page: I am also planning some updates on this page which are in progress and I am hoping to reveal those to you soon. 


SPA & Beauty: January is a good time to let yourself be pampered in a Spa, do some Sauna, relax and get your nails painted in crazy colours. I recently tried the day spa at the Atlantis by Giardino Hotel which is really nice and easy to reach from the city. Still it provides some peace and seclusion from the buzz in a beautiful and calming atmosphere. The Dipiu Spa offers a wide variety of treatments including exotic massages. I tried the Abhyanga massage which is of indian origin and using lots of sesame oil. Its a very relaxing treatment easing tight muscles and soreness. 

For my Manicure I love the walkin studios of Beauty Space - it makes sense if you can visit the studio's on calm times like during morning or early afternoon to avoid waiting times. The good thing is you can just pop in spontaneously, enjoy a coffee, prosecco & snack and get pampered in one of their comfy chairs reading magazines. If you prefer to make an appointment I suggest the Nail Bar which just recently opened up in Zurich's Niederdorf and is also super cute & friendly. 


Mind: I am a very positive person already, but I always work on my personality to clean out those nasty habits and thoughts and replace them with clean, fresh and positive thinking. Whenever I, for example, look out the window and see a muddy wet street in front of me and a rather chilly outlook on the weather, I try in my mind not to complain (even though I really do not like the cold) but to embrace and accept the situation. Not to waste my time with the negative thought. But to put on my winter boots and be grateful that I am able to keep my feet warm, that I can protect myself from bad weather, that I have a home to take shelter from the cold. Basically whatever situation i find myself in, I try to see whats positive about it and to be thankful for that. Of course sometimes I am haunted by negative thoughts pestering around my mind - I just continually train myself to get rid of them. For me thats a constant process that I invest time and energy into - just like cleaning my flat, or checking up on my health. I feel mental health is often neglected, and its just as important to strive towards a pure and clean way of thinking and behaving as it is to keep ones clothes and homes or diets clean. Training positive thinking is pretty mind changing and I can only highly recomment it to anyone who has been neglecting it until now. Just because you can't see or touch it does not mean its not relevant - our your mind is important! It defines the way we perceive our lives. We should keep it healthy & pure! 


I hope you could take some inspirations from my aspirations for the coming year and I wish you the best of luck and success with your resolutions whatever they may be.

Have a great start into the New Year!! 






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