Impressions of ALPHA

Wednesday night - Zurich

Following a mysterious eloxidated metal Invitation with my name on it "you are Alpha" to an unknown location. The black car pulls up on the road, a crowd - dressed in black and white - gathering together on the side of the street. After getting escorted to an underground location - through the lit up white hallway, packed with more people filing through a bland door. Music pushes through the door and dully resounds in the hallway. Black or White Shots are offered. How can I refuse the white one. I do not know what to expect - and I like it. 

Passing the door I see many white phones hanging on the wall with tags on them - I expect that they belong to the guests already inside. Phone confiscation, like boarding school, no communication - I think. WRONG. 

Sylwina - you are Alpha 8. A guy in a yellow jumper takes a phone off the wall - hands it to me. "This is your Alpha - please watch it throughout the night - all communication will run through this phone tonight," he informs me. "Have you used Samsung before?" It's taking a futuristic turn. Instead of my anticipated 'no communication' the credo is 'digital communication'! It used to be rude to be on your phone out at dinner or events - tonight its the heart of the concept.

Lets take a #selfie!

The No Go has turned Legitimate.

"Please dont forget to pick up your white bag before you leave," the guy in the yellow sweater tells me, "your packaging, charging station & guarantee is inside - Enjoy!" 

It will be another full 10 Minutes at least until it sinks in, that this sleek white device is mine to keep... That I have been invited as part of a small group of testers to try the new Samsung Alpha 3 weeks before the official release. 

Entering the venue, kept in white, with a DJ set on an ice bar, & dolllike gorgeous floating dancers in delicate lace dresses. 

I can't help but feel like in a scene from Gossip Girl, when all the phones in the room start to buzz simultaneously providing the guests with new tipps of what to look for. Its a great way of discretly communicating with a crowd. 

I was very happy to see so many people that I really like! & it was in many ways an experience not to be forgotten 


Thank you Alpha !



pictures by Andrea Monica Hug  #whoelse :)
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