Last Words in 2015

Almost more important than drawing up a bunch of new years resolutions around Silvester is reflecting on the old year. I find that by looking at what and how things happened can lend a defining structure on how to approach the future. The new year being not a new beginning, but a continuation entering a new cycle. 

I am taking this last day of the old year to reflect on what happened, what I learned, what I did and where it will lead me. 



About my Job: 

I get asked a lot what it is I actually do. I think its great that people ask me because I like to tell the answer. I was working in PR until March last year and since then I work completely freelance. It was definitely a milestone for me to give up the savety of the 'employment status' for the complete freedom and risk, of working on my own. When I get asked what I do I sometimes just say: I am a blogger. This is an incomplete answer, especially since I do not even draw the majority of my income from blogging. I still am keeping all of cooperations as blogger to an absolute minimum, and content on this Page still cannot be purchased. Its my highest priority to remain authentic, so I only collaborate with products that I really believe in - which forces me to rule out most collaboration inquiries. 

Most of my work is consultation, setting up or running Social Media for Business. A bit like creative direction for online marketing - but it comes down to a lot of IT aswell. I enjoy my work because every product is unique and every need different - Social Media offers such a lot of possibilities and I enjoy to taylor make the right solution suitable for each client. Every single task is different - every time I look at a new business or product I need to set myself completely back to base 1 and think: how can this product be integrated towards creating interesting and entertaining content that users like to see. 

I will be introducing the official space for all my work related to online communications through social media early in 2016. I've been planning that for a while, and very exited to be sharing that with you soon - so Stay Tuned :) 


About Social Media: 

The year 2015 has brought with it many milestones, not only to my own life and career but for society as a whole. I'd say that 2015 was the year, where society took a large step towards embracing and using Social Media - I experienced this up close because almost every person I know or meet asks me: 'So whats the deal with Social Media.' Its understandable, because Social Media is a wide and rapidly changing field with an array from different faces. Each channel works differently and can be utilized differently. I have spent a huge amount of time in the past year myself studying exactly that. With new Channels like SnapChat emerging, and existing channels like Facebook and Instagram constantly updating and enabling new features - keeping up to date could easily explode the frame of a fulltime job. 

Using Social Media is more than a learning process, its a virtual adventure - crashes included. I remember last summer when SnapChat came up and I started using it - I did horribly embarrassing things with it. I really had no clue - I just threw myself into the application as I was - with zero plan or concept - because how should I make a concept for something that no one knew before. I got terrible feedback from some people, and I know a lot of people had a good laugh at me. Which is fine. If you throw yourself into the water for the first time - after wailing, swallowing and inhaling a  couple of mouth and nosefulls, teary eyed choking, you can just barely make out the outlines of the figures standing on the side of the pool laughing at you. Then its either drowing or learning to swim. Once you got the hang of it you might start to enjoy hanging out in the pool - it is only after a while that you look back and notice those others still standing by the side of the pool not daring to get in. Thats life - there are those who jump and fail, and there are those who don't jump. Thats a decision - there is no wrong or right. I do not jump into every pool myself - just some, the ones that look like they are worth it. 





About my Weight:

In January & February last year I did a superfood Diet followed by a Juice cleanse (its all up on the Blog) that led me to loose a lot of weight, going from slim to being very lean. I got some comments and negative feedback about that - but it was a life choice. Of course it was related to some pressure I felt because I had started modelling, the pressure to be successfull, and to a certain amount stress aswell. I had an image of a body that I wanted to have, in my mind, and I wanted to achieve that. I know that perhaps being a foodblogger with a BMI of 17.0 is not exactly the best way to being liked - but it was in fact re-instating my message that its not either: being fat & enjoying food, or: being fit & starving. So being very skinny and writing about food was just my way of showing that 'you can have it all, and here is how it works!' 

I am not telling anyone that being slim like me is the way they need to look - I am simply saying, WHATEVER way you want to look, its possible to achieve that without being hungry or not going out to eat. If I would say that but be overweight myself - where's the credibility? The reason I chose to be very borderline thin is to let my community know that if they start using my recipes they WILL see results, because it remains fact that the majority of us is looking to shed and not to gain some pounds. 

That being said - I did always go to see my doctor to have all my blood values etc. tested and I did consult with him. If any of my doctors would tell me that I am putting my health at risk or suffering from a malnutrition I would immediately take all steps necessary.  


About My Look: 

This year was crazy - In summer my skin turned gold, and in fall my hair turned blue. Why I did it? Its an expression of freedom, life affirming and of my own individuality. Dying hair into crazy colours is a sign of societal wellfare and abundance - Its my way of reminding myself of that and being conscious of the priviledges we enjoy today. Things can change any moment - I do not take anything I have for granted. If the world changes tomorrow i'd like to be able to look back and say: 2015 was crazy and I lived every crazyness of it to the absolute fullest, not regretting anything i did and didn't do. 2015 was bright and bold and I was a burst of colour contributing to that. 


About quitting Smoking: 

In September, just before starting my bootcamp, I smoked my last cigarette. The bootcamp week at Tophill Resorts in Ibiza turned out to be lifechanging. With all those sore muscles there was not even a thought left for craving a cigarette. After returning from the Week back to Zurich - Smoking was not even something I considered. It was not even something that I needed to resist, despite having been quite a regular smoker before. The smokers among you will appreciate the gravity of this step - I can say that I could not be happier about having taken it and I think I could not have done it without Top Hill. 



There where many of them! Beautiful and Exiting Moments in 2015 that I am just thankful and happy I could be a part of them! 


I was really overjoyed that I could not only walk the runway once, but two times this year for Lingerie House Beldona. The first time was for my first ever big runway in Hallenstadion for the Energy Fashion Night. I felt so lucky to walk for both Mery's Couture and Beldona, on stage with topmodels like Victoria Secrets Angel Chanel Iman whom I have been admiring for years, and I was also allowed to invite some friends who joined to support me on the big night. 


I was honoured this year to have the opportunity to join not one but two amazing charity balls in Zurich. Both the KISPI Ball profiting the Kinderspital held in Baur au Lac as well as the JINGLE BALL in favour of the Robert Kennedy Human Rights Foundation were memorable evenings in favour of a good cause. I greatly support charity events and helping those in need of it. I believe any fortune to be worthless if it can't be shared. 


Getting the Call from H&M that I was chosen to be part of the HM Balmain Army was incredible. Just the night before I had been looking up and oggling over the collection; and now I have my favourite outfit hanging in my closet - I will treasure it and the memory to a crazy H&M x Balmain Pre-Shopping event forever. 

TRIPS: Countless Trips this year again - my favourite ones were definitely Marrakech in Spring, and Dubai in November. What I enjoy most about travelling is not visiting a nice beach - its experiencing a culture. Both those trips brought on a new perspective to my vision and showed me in countless ways how life is beautiful!

There are so many more memorable Moments to look back to in 2015, also from my travels - Attached below I marked all my favourite Instagram Moments of 2015 with the #sylwina2k15




To take more TIME for personal relationships. This year was a crazy and eventful journey - but one I took by myself. I was completely absorbed by the exitement and distraction of it all - I let myself get carried by it. I was unable to uphold my personal relationships and ties to my family and friends the way I should have. I was completely unable to bond with new people - despite having met many beautiful people that I really took into my heart, I sometimes simply lacked the opportunity to catch up with them. 

BE ME - but BETTER: This is a resolution I take every year. To stay true and faithful to myself and my values - but to improve as much as I can. To keep working hard, develop new skills and build on existing ones. I like the values that I have chosen in life and I wish to keep those the same - I will take the new year as an opportunity to once again do as much as I can to honour them. To share and inspire others to being the best version of themselves that they can be. 

I have a little anectdote to that: A few weeks ago a Lady I met at an event asked me about fooblogging. She told me she had just  started a foodblog and was wondering if there is any sense now to start a new one with so many existing Blogs out there. I checked her Instagram and saw she had 75 followers and some pictures of her cakes.

Here's what I told her: If you bake a cake, and you think you did a great job and you take a picture of it which you would like to share - I think you should DO IT. 

Who cares if 75 or 7'500 people see it? If you love that cake - Let the world know you made it! Its not about success - its about sharing. My value is giving your life quality (by making a homemade cake rather than a storebought fake one) and sharing that! Inspire your community to follow your example. This is what Social Media is about. Its not about your number - its about your content. GO FOR IT! 

I do not measure people based on their popularity or success - I measure people by their intentions & efforts. The only advice I can give to people is to be a LIKER not a HATER and to be a DOER not a TALKER. 

I wish you all a very very HAPPY NEW YEAR and great start into 2016! 

May the new year make not all but some of all of our wishes and aspirations come true. 

Thank you for your support this year 

thank you for being here 

thanks for sharing 





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