Mercedes Benz Fashion Days Zurich

For the past days Zurich has become a stage of Fashion, hosting the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days for the 5th time at the Schiffbau, a 200 year old former ship factory. It has become the venue for 4 days of extravagant fashion shows hosting a variety of local and renommated international designers such as Max Mara & Costume National. Young Swiss designers were given the chance to debut their designs for the annual Annabelle Award and established Swiss fashion labels such as Little Black Dress showed their newest collections. 

Each night presented a different theme, such as Notte Italiana by Trois Pommes or Swiss Selection showing the best of Swiss Fashion Designs.

Much may be said about fashion - that its superficial, fake, hyped, unwearable, unneccessary... but I rather see fashion as an enrichment to our society. Fashion represents individuality, creativity, freedom and tolerance - all of which are values which I promote. Fashion means saying 'Yes' expressing personality & saying 'Yes' to choice. Fashion provides legitimation to be bold, and to be different. Fashion means thinking outside of the box and keeping an open mind. Fashion can be late, as well as timeless - extremely extravagant or totally understated. Trends and creations can be futuristic, using innovative materials and techniques, or humble homages to cultures, customs and eras of the past. Fashion can mean catching the Zeitgeist or getting caught in nostalgia. Most of all, it means expressing a state of mind through the way of dress.  

I appreciated to experience the fashion days coming to Zurich - and I thank the Sponsors Mercedes Benz & Samsung, as well as the showing designers, for making it possible. It was an intensive couple of days, which have given me the chance to intensively dive in to this magical and crazy world. I very much admired to see the creations of the 5 finalists for the Annabelle award on Thursday night - watching each very different collection let me reflect about their unique influences and backgrounds. I was so impressed with their work, and very much admired the results. 

The Fashion Days in Zurich differ from the international Fashion Weeks - we are spoiled by the comfort of watching all the shows at the same venue, without even having to get up, as well as enjoying catering and seated VIP dinners. The entertainment factor here is definately higher than in our neighboring fashion metropoles, where the fashion weeks are more like a business - rushing from one show to the next all day with outfit changes between each of the shows. 

The outfits of the guests are just as much of a show as what is shown on the runway. Its a meeting point between the visions of the creators and the vision of their clients. I chose four outfits for each of the nights - creating a very different look each night & challenging myself to create a maximum of variety using only colours black, white and shades of grey.  

On the opening night I wore a cream Alaïa skirt with a black knitted sweater and leather jacket from Iro - creating a hybrid look between masculine and feminine elements. 

For the Annabelle Award I chose a beautiful feminine gown from Little Black Dress in flowing grey silk, sequined stitchings around the neck and a delicate white frame to enclose it. It was a look of romantic elegance - and I loved every minute of wearing it. 

For Notte Italiana on Friday I wore a dress by amazing Bibi Bachtadze, one of my favourite designers, from Gassmann in Zurich. It was definately a look that caught attention, with black lace, red lips and very high Alaïa heels. Fashion gives us permission to sometimes be bold, to catch attention, and to do so with absolute confidence. 

But as much as I love to dress up - as much I love to dress down. This motto of mine was honoured on Saturday, where I attended the shows in a very casual look that I just threw together from what was in my closet. Alexander Wang skirt and black sleeveless tee with a scarf and clutch. The strap of the clutch I removed and tied it around my waist using it as a belt. Because finally fashion should not be complicated, it should be fun and sometimes it should involve breaking rules. 

Fashion is the opposite of keeping trends or dress codes - fashion means foregoing them. Fashion is the WAY of how something is done - or the WAY of how its done differently... 

and this is exactly why I love it!



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