Racha's Halloween at Rive Gauche


I love costume parties -

I believe they bring out the best in people.


That moment of running into someone that I know, not recognizing them. That moment of rediscovering someones personality through all that fake blood and chalky white skin. I love to watch peoples choices and interpretation of personas - I find it very telling. Costume parties are a way of experiencing your friends, and people you know, from a different perspective. We always express who we are by the way we dress, costume parties give an exaggerated image of that creativity and self presentation.

I went dressed as Alex DeLarge - the teenage hooligan from the movie and novel "A Clockwork Orange" - not so much because I have a hidden faible for violence, but much rather, because I find Alex the most fascinating one of all anti-heroes. I admire the complexity of his character. The interpretation and message of his story is superbe, exposing a darkside of human nature in a most uncompromising way. I also, I admit, felt enticed by the idea of cross dressing. 

Equipped with my cane, hat, glass of milk, male underwear and that single fake eyelash working on a vicious stare - I was ready to personify the ultra-violent. 

I refrained from any such acts - misplacing my cane at Rive Gauche shortly after my arrival - but I remained loyal to my precious milk. 

Zurichs most beautiful DJ Odile was playing, the guests all looked fabulously scary, and the food was scarily good. We drank spicy sweet shots from little skulls and played with each others blood - why not. 

My departure was sweetened by an UBER-full SI STYLE gift bag, thank you (!), containing more products than I could count. My favourite one definately was the cute bar of BESCHLE Chocolate - which sadly did not even survive the way to the car. 

I, on the other hand, continued to Langstrasse and - still prominently wearing my underwear and not really minding - left to the 'Future' for some amazing music.

Alex would have preferred Ludwig Van - but then again I am not Alex. 

Happy Halloween Droogies 

hope to see you next year



thank you to David Biedert Photography & IN Fotografie for providing the photographic evidence. 

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