Disposible Social Media & Mass Messaging App

Whatever you want to call it - Everything seems to be happening on Snapchat right now 





1.  Snap Chat is a Messaging App - not an online Profile 

2. On Snapchat you basically send an MMS or Video to whoever cares to watch. You can doodle on your MMS or use some other features to make it ridiculous or informative. Your message/artwork is disposable and will delete itself unless someone decides to save it. 

3. The founder of SnapChat is a 25 year old called Evan, dating Miranda Kerr and refusing to sell the App to Mark. 

4. Your Snapchat Username behaves like a phone number - until you share it. Without having someones username - you wont be able to see their Snaps. 

5. Unlike their phone numbers - many Celebrities have made their Snapchat Usernames Public and can now be followed in real time by their fans & haters. Check the Link below for an updated list for current celebrity Snapchat users:


6. CNN is on SnapChat

7. Cara Delevigne has been contracted to be the "SnapChatter" for Burberry



How I started: 

First time I installed Snapchat. I was sitting in Hamburg with some friends of mine from NY & London back from school at a kind of 'Reunion' - So a bunch of kids my age. They rattled on for so long telling each other HOW AMAZING the App is & how COOL & HOW MUCH THEY LOVED IT. 

Yea... they had 1000 reasons as to why Snapchat was better than Instagram. I sat there kind of confused. I had to immediately download this App because of sheer curiosity. After having created my account I was completely lost. Hashtags, Filters, Photo editing? Did not exist here. It seemed all you could do with the App was take an ugly & blurry looking pic of your steak and send it to one person, who would then be able to view your snap 'masterpiece' for 10 seconds before it vanishes - WOW - I was perplexed at the stupidity of the concept. Coming from my filtered Instagram world where I would take 100 (literally) pictures of each salad and then edit it in 3 different apps before posting it to Instagram - sharing something so 'ugly' and 'undone' was downright unthinkable. Why would I purposely share something that does not even look nice?

One year Later: From home cooking tutorials in my kitchen, reporting events, to sharing hangovers & doing laundry. My Life is on Snapchat. 



Its Basic. 'Out of App' editing tools being very much discouraged - snapchat posts are unretouched, realtime and disposable moments filmed by smartphone. Wether it is you or CNN - once inside the yellow ghost app - everyones possibilities are equal. Theres your phone, theres the App, there are those 4 filters & basic features. Both you and the CNN dude can doodle in your pictures, and yea... Thats it. You, me or Chiara Ferragni - Snapchat puts users on eyelevel. On Snapchat the entertainment value of an account is defined by mind & imagination - Not a huge team, professional retouching and expensive equipment. 

Its Honest. Snapchat enables Users to share their Life unfiltered & unedited with their Community. Making it the most effective plattform to share what is going on RIGHT NOW. Snapchat is not the space to tell people how great & perfect my life is. On Snapchat people feel free to speak about their Reality. Like Germany's next Topmodel Winner Stefanie Giesinger waking up in the morning & snapchatting straight from bed, showing her 60k viewers on snap a big pimple on her nose along with the words 'omg Leute schaut euch mal bitte diesen Pickel an.' I long believe that unrealistic beauty ideals are not healthy for our society & therefore strongly welcome the fact that  beauty idols like Stefanie (over 1million followers on Instagram) show themselves to their community in such a 'flawed' way. I hope that this will contribute to people (especially young girls) feeling more comfortable with themselves & for communicating a more realistic & healthy ideal of beauty. I am shocked sometimes by the missconceptions that people have of me because they only know me from social media - when actually I spend most of my time cooking & writing wearing grey jogging pants, grey tshirts & grey sweaters all day long. Since I use Snapchat - my viewers know about that. 

Its Funny. Snapchat Stories are funny. Run by people who do not take themselves so serious, who are not consumed by the need to look or be perfect. Snapchat Posts are trashy, weird, even awkward. Its disposable character makes it appealing, plus the features are all designed to create funny images & videos rather than 'pretty' flawlessly filtered content.  

as an active USER:  Snapchat is a Sharing App designed to entertain & communicate with friends in an honest and down to earth way, rather than 'showing off' great & perfect image of your life. I welcome that. Because even though all my content on Facebook and Instagram is 'real' - when I look through my Instagram or Facebook Feeds I do not feel that this represents what my life is actually like. Its a very one sided and idealized view & I am not really comfortable with people not being able to see behind the scenes. I wish to share every aspect of my Life - my successes aswell as my frustrations. Life is not a TV Commercial. Life is flawed and often hard. 


PRIVACY & DATA: With all data being openly accessible via search engines to anyone - data has massively lost in value. In fact - digital data has become virtually free. Any content published is easily accessible and can be spread virally by anyone. Retweeting, 'sharing' - reposting, revining etc. are user activities encouraged by both content producers aswell as the creators of the Social Media Channels. The motive is apparent - promotion, marketing, self-broadcasting. Snapchat works differently. On Snapchat the only way to follow someone is to know their exact username. If they do not publish (or ever decide to change it) nobody will be able to view their snaps. Of course there are ways to hack and withdraw Snaps (yep - nothing is safe on the internet) & I am going to tell you some of these 'cheats' below - but overall the Application is still a lot more hidden than all the others. Its no invitation to start sending around any image of yourself that could severely harm your image - but the visibility of what you share is definitely a LOT more limited than on your Facebook Wall or IG Feed. 

It appears to be Private. Content is only visible for 24 hours. This changes sharing behavior. Its a temporary stream of communication reserved to those who are connected with you via the app.

*** Good to know*** It is possible to save content from your own stream and also extract content from other users streams - so its important to be aware that everything posted via SnapChat CAN be saved by your viewers without the user knowing!



You can take a photo or a video, then add a caption or a doodle, and send it to a friend or add it to your story to share with select friends. Your friends will be able to view your snap for up to 10 seconds, but then it disappears. They'll also only have access to your stories for 24 hours.
While these are the basics - there are many ways to spice up your snaps and stories. Snapchat isn't the most user friendly, simply because it has a tonne of buried features. You basically have to hunt for them.
And sometimes you even have to download additional apps in order to truly take advantage of what this fun messaging app has to offer. If you'd like to learn all about Snapchat's untapped potential, keep reading. I've collected a few tips and tricks worth trying.

Hidden settings
When you open Snapchat, you will see the camera view straightaway. It actually serves as the main screen. Swipe left to view your feed of private snaps and messages from friends. While on this screen, tap the Settings icon (gear symbol) in the top-right corner. You'll then want to tap "Manage" under Additional services. While in this section, you can toggle settings. You can, for instance, turn on filters, front-facing flash, replay, special text, and power save mode. You can also choose the number of best friends you want to display.

More colours
Again, when you open Snapchat, you will see the camera view straightaway. You can snap a photo or video while on this screen, and then you can tap the Doodle icon (pencil symbol) in the top-right corner to access a colour picker in the form of a sliding rainbow bar. Use your finger to select a colour, and then simply start drawing on your snap. If you want to access an additional colour palette, which many users are unaware about, including the colours white and black, drag your finger down from the slider, across the bottom, and back up.

You can also drag your finger from the right or to the top left to access a bunch of other colours. 

Special text - This one is a bit tricky. The "special text" feature only appears for some users, still... here's how to access special text and get started using it today (if you're able to, that is).
Go to the hidden settings menu, as mentioned earlier, and toggle on the special text option. You will then see a Text icon (T symbol) appear in the camera view. It allows you to overlay snaps with larger text and emoji, whereas without it, you can only type captions on top of snaps. Thus, in order add magnified text, all you need to do is tap the "T" next to the Doodle icon in the top-right corner of your snap draft.

Fancy filters
One of Snapchat's most recent upgrades brought Instagram-like filters and other fun things you can add to your snaps. To enable them, go to the hidden settings menu, as mentioned earlier, and toggle on the filters option. Once you're done, go to the camera view and create a snap draft.Swipe your finger left or right on the snap draft to preview all the available filters. You may see geolocation filters, which are, you guessed it, based on your location. There are also filters for time, temperature, speed while traveling in a vehicle, and colours like black and white and sepia.

Upload photos
One of the most annoying parts about Snapchat is that all snaps and videos must be taken and sent in the moment. You don't have time to perfect lighting or get rid of blemishes with Photoshop. It's all about real-time and the ephemeral.

Snapup - Third-party app developers feel your pain. So many of them have created apps that allow you to upload perfect photos from your device's camera roll. Upload'n'Roll, for instance, is free, and so isn't Snap Up. The latter app also allows you to add custom filters and fonts.

Save snaps
Another annoying part about Snapchat is that it tells your friends whenever you screenshot (aka save) their snap to your device. Luckily for you... there are - once again - several third-party apps available that'll allow you to save snaps from friends, and they'll never even know.   -> SNAPKEEP

Snapkeep is an app, for instance, that lets you save snaps and videos without the sender knowing. It's free, has no adverts, and can save unlimited snaps. That said, if you want to save unlimited stories, you must pay a 99-cent fee to upgrade.

Change Best Friends
Snapchat auto-sorts your most-snapped friends into a “Best Friends” list that appears on the “Send To” screen when you're about to send a snap draft. It's a non-customisable list that is capped at seven users. But Snapchat die-hards have discovered a workaround. You need to rename your contacts. Go to the “My Friends” screen (swipe right while on the camera view screen), and then pick a friend's name. A drop-down list will appear with his/her score and the top three friends with whom he/she snaps most often. Tap the Settings icon (gear symbol) to the right of their name, and then select "Edit Display Name" from the pop-up window that appears. A second pop-up will then surface, from which you can change your friend's name. At this point, add an "a" before your friend's name. Doing this will sort your friend into the A section of your Best Friends list. In other words: your friend will automatically appear at the top of your Best Friends list, making it easy for you to quickly snap your bestie instead of spending forever scrolling through a lengthy contact list.

Face Features: 

Snapchat recently added the Update where you can press your finger on a face and a menu for choosing different crazy face features will pop up. These can be anything from throwing up a rainbow, to having a zombie face, or a frogs crown and star shower. They change daily so you can keep looking to discover new ludicrous features to play with and share with your friends. 


How to Add Friends: 

You can Add by Username - or by using your phonebook contacts list. The easiest way however is to take a picture of someones snapcode inside the application and they will automatically be added - I am sharing mine below. 

Its also possible to "Add friends Nearby" this is great at Events! If you are looking to be followed by more people I suggest you keep that function turned on whenever you are at an event so that other Snappers nearby can find & add you. 



So how does Snapchat interact with brands? Obviously most brands are confused and put off by the lack of possibility to monitor & report produced snapchat content. But some brands are using the Snapchat, quite effectively, to communicate & interact with an Audience. Burberry was one of the first luxury fashion brands to join the social media service - using none other than Cara Delevingne to help give their channel a little kick start. 

CNN is on Snapchat - where they are actually pretty entertaining and funny. Taco Bell has even recruited a special in-house team (yep thats someone on a payrole for being a 'snapchat manager') that produces stories and sends 'snaps' sharing new dishes on the menu or other specials. 

If a brand manages to reach users on SnapChat - they are able to communicate far more effective and in greater quantity than through classical marketing channels. On Instagram there is limited space to communicate, on Twitter 140 signs limit the content of a message - on Snapchat Brands are now able to tell a story. Once the hurdle of building an audience is taken - Snapchat is a more effective tool for communicating than all other social media plattforms put together.   



Snapchat makes Instagram look like a picture book and Twitter like a Telegram.

It is hilariously trashy & suitable for those who do not take themselves too seriously. 

Despite its outrageous Look - Snapchat is currently the most effective tool to communicate a message. 

Snapchat takes Self Broadcasting to a next level. Anyone using it should be fully aware of the effect and consequence. 

Snapchat MUST have an Age Limit - because the Content Protection inside the App is absolutely Zero. 


How I use it:

the BELOW peek into my Snapscapades using those ludicrous but funny features merely serves entertainment. I use my Snap Chat for more substantial communications aswell - I show recipes or use it like a video diary. I link the account to Instagram by posting an image of a recipe I made for example on Instagram - letting people know that if they wanna see the recipe they can go watch it on Snap. The viewers will have 24 hours time to go watch before my food demonstration is deleted. 

Below under section #snapsylwina you can see some of the posts that have been linked to snapchat stories. 


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