Sustainability is a huge topic in my book and I try to let it influence everything I do. How am I personally making a contribution?

I support the recycling of raw materials at home (glas, plastic, paper) and clothes. I currently support a campaign that encourages clothes recycling. I also opted for solar power electricity in my zurich city flat (an option that we have in zurich). I don’t own a car, I ride my bike or use the swiss public transport. Since November UBER Green is an additional option not to rely on fossil energies.

I turn off the light when I leave my house and use power saving utilities. I don’t waste food. I consume less animal products, I buy locally and I support businesses that I know engage themselves in sustainability.

For me – acting sustainable is a step by step effort rather than a radical mindset. In our current society its not really possible to be 100% clean – we take planes, we can’t control the sources of everything we buy, and we can’t avoid a certain degree of waste.

Thats why I believe that the solution is adapting the right mindset, building awareness and talking about the subjet. That we should help and inspire each other to make a difference.

Mondaine is taking part in that conversation and effort by launching their new essence watch collection featuring the iconic SBB Watch face and dials. The Case is made from 70% renewable resources, it features a black sturdy rubber strap, is lightweight, waterproof and comes in a case 100% made from recycled pet bottles which can also be used as a phone case.

I’ve been wearing it during my current trip to the amazon rainforest where I visited local farmers to learn about ways of sustainable farming in the rainforest that involves wild harvesting of acai palmtrees without cutting down the forest. During the entire time I kept a piece of home on my wrist. Not only in the shape of the watches iconic SBB face, but also in form of the time – which I left at the Swiss time – so that I always knew what time it was back home.

I would like to invite two from you readers to join this movement and conversation by giving away two watches such as the one I am wearing. Take part by letting me know what YOU are doing to contribute to sustainability. It can be little things, everyday things – share them to Social Media using the #mondaineessence hashtag and tag me. I will look forward to meet the two winners in Zurich and talk about this important topic. The winners will be announced on 19. November – Good Luck



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